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We facilitate structural changes in school systems that traditionally underserve and marginalize student. The greatest gift we give is to create environments where every student can thrive. We are game changers, life savers, motivators, teachers, and lifelong learners. Our work is challenging but the stakes are great. We will not fail, for we know that our life's calling is to liberate students from all the constraints that hold them back.​




We are committed to providing school site and district level support with:

The development and implementation of comprehensive multi- year equity plans.




We are a committed group of educational professionals with a passion for ensuring an equitable education for all students. We have over 100 years of combined experience in K-12 education as Equity Warriors.




The Lighthouse began in 2012 and was formerly known as The Lighthouse Academic Enrichment Foundation 501c3. The foundation provided California High School Exit Exam and SAT test preparation as well as scholarships.

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